1.0      SPORT                                                Volleyball

2.0      LOCATIONS                                       Lakeland College (U18 m/f)

Holy Rosary High School (U16 m/f)

Lloyd Comprehensive High School (U14 m/f)


3.0      DATES                                                March 28– April 1

4.0      SANCTIONED                                    Yes


5.1       Female Bantam          12 players                  Male Bantam              12 players                              Female Midget           12 players                  Male Midget               12 players

Female Intermediate 12 players                  Male Intermediate     12 players


5.2       Alternates.  Each team may list 3 alternates.  Should the placement of the alternate become necessary due to injury, illness or absenteeism the team has until the commencement of the games to slot in the alternate.  The maximum number of players will be eligible to be registered participants of the games, issued accreditation and compete shall not exceed 12 players per team.

5.3       Each team is allowed to have 2 coaches and 1 manager registered and sitting on the bench during a match.

5.4       Male teams must have a minimum of 1 male coach.  Female teams must have a minimum of 1 female coach.


6.1       Age Categories

Bantam Male/Female           Born    2002, 2003

Midget Male/Female             Born    2000, 2001

Intermediate Male/Female  Born    1998, 1999



7.1       The Saskatchewan First Nation Winter Games shall be open to those who are of Status Indian Ancestry.  Athlete treaty numbers are requires as proof.

7.2       All athletes must play with their respective Tribal/Grand Council teams, in which they are registered as per band membership list.

7.3       All athletes must be a member of a First Nation within the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

7.4       Transfer of status Indians to another Tribal/Grand Council is allowed as per Saskatchewan First Nation Winter and Summer Technical Manual RESIDENCY clause.


8.1       Team Registration

All athletes, coaches and managers are required to complete the attached registration form.  This registration form is to be submitted to the Sask Volleyball and the FSIN SCYR Department no later than, February 26th 2016 at 4:00 pm.

8.2       Coach Certification

All head coaches on the official registration must be certified under the National Coaching Certification Program to a minimum of Development Coach (Level 1) for bantam and midget and advanced development coach (Level 2) for intermediate in Volleyball.  Should a head coach not be fully certified development coach, they should obtain the requirements for trained status. (the trained status includes all the components to be development coach certified except the evaluation/practical). These coaches must be certified no later than February 26th 2016

ACOP funding is available for the coaching course but must be preapproved contact:  NLukiw@sasksport.sk.ca


All coaches must also take the following online course that can be completed by registering at the following sites and completing the online material:

All coaches must be certified no later than February 26th, 2016








8.3       Payment of Registration

Each Tribal/Grand Council is responsible to send completed registration forms and payment directly to the Sask Volleyball.

Payment for Team registration fees must be issued on ONE cheque per Tribal Council. Payment of $100.00/per team made payable to Sask Volleyball no later than February 26th, 2016.

9.0      Competition

9.1       Rules of Play

The 2016 First Nation Winter Games will be subject to the Volleyball Canada Rules for Indoor Volleyball.

Bantam & Midget: No overhead reception off the serve. Receiving the serve with an overhand motion using the fingers (setting) is not permitted.

Bantams only use Fair Play rule:  Everyone needs to start a set – must play until 15 points.

Bantams only not allowed to play a 5-1 offense


9.2       Substitution Rule

Midget men: No Libero, 12 sub limited rule

Midget women: Libero, 6 sub rule

Intermediate women/men: Libero, 6 sub rule


9.3       Preliminary Competitions

The preliminary competition will consist of a Round Robin with three pools.

Seeding for the pools will be determined based on the results from the 2014 First Nation Winter Games.  If the team has not participated in previous games, seeding will be determined by a draw for the final spots.

The three pools will be seed based on the serpentine systems as follows:

Pool A: 1, 6, 7,12,13               Pool B: 2, 5, 8, 11       Pool C: 3, 4, 9, 10



With the first round complete the teams will then re-pooled for Round Robin Play, as determined by the scheduler.  A power-pool system will be considered as appropriate.

The draw and schedule for the First Nation Winter Games 2016 will be completed by Sask Volleyball in conjunction with the 2016 Games Sports Coordinator.

Pool ranking shall be determined according to the current (2015-2016) Indoor Volleyball Rule Book.

9.4       Championship Round

After completing the Re-pool, some or all of the team will move on to the championship round.  Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 1 game in the championship round.  Medals will be given to the top three teams in the championship round.

9.5       Consolation Round

Those teams who do not advance to the Championship Round will play in the Consolation Round.

10.0    Scoring

10.1     Match Play

Each team will play one match against all the other teams in its pool.  The round robin will be played best 2 of 3 sets to 25 points (win by 2).  Deciding set will be played to 15 points (win by 2).

10.2     Tie Breaking Rule

Ties will be broken according to the 2015 – 2016 Volleyball Canada Indoor Rule Book

10.3     Results Procedures

Each Tribal/Grand Council will receive points according to the following chart:

1st Place 10 pts.
2nd Place 9 pts.
3rd Place 8 pts.
4th Place 7 pts.
5th Place 6 pts.
6th Place 5 pts.
7th Place 4 pts.
8th Place 3 pts.
9th Place 2 pts.
10th-13th Place 1 pt. each




11.0    Protest Procedure

11.1     Sports Protest

The Volleyball Canada rules for Indoor Volleyball will apply regarding protests.  Protests must be made to the head referee and he/she can consult FSIN and the Sports Chairperson to make a decision.  Protests are allowed on rules applications only, which will follow the rules of SaskVolleyball.

The Sport Jury will be comprised of the following members:

  1. Sport Chairperson
  2. Head Referee: Officials involved
  • Sask Volleyball Representative
  1. FSIN Representative

11.2     Eligibility Protests  

The FSIN Sport, Culture, Youth and Recreation will act as the Jury for all protests dealing with eligibility of Athletes.

All protests must be concisely written and presented to the FSIN Games Coordinator immediately at the end of the game.  The Time and date must be submitted in writing.

Protests must be signed by the Team Sport Contact/Chef-de-Mission or his/her mission staff designate of the participating team.  This designate must be submitted in writing.

All protests will be accepted with no explanation from the Board.  All protests must be dealt with within 15 minutes of the game ending or game stands as posted.

A fee of $500.00 will be in place for all protests.  This fee will be given directly to the FSIN Games Coordinator.  Cash will be the only accepted form of payment.  This fee will be put toward the Youth Championships if the protest is lost.  Protest fee will be returned if the protest is won by the Team protesting.

12.0    Equipment/Competitive Uniform

12.1     Competitive Uniform

It is the coaches and managers of both teams responsibility of ensuring that all their athletes wear appropriate clothing (such as a jersey and Russell Athletics shorts) and their Tribal Council colors before the start of the game. All jersey requirements as set by the Volleyball Canada stipulate that jerseys may only be number 1-99.  Numbers should be visible on the front and back of the jersey.  Clean indoor shoes will only be acceptable on the court floors and must be inspected by their coaches and managers before the start of the game and deemed acceptable.  No jewelry allowed on the court during games, unless it is completely covered by tape.

12.2     Equipment

The official ball will be the Mikasa VUL500 for bantam female and MVA200 for all other age-groups.

Net Heights:

Bantam women: 2.15m                     Bantam Men: 2.20m

Midget women: 2.20m                      Midget Men: 2.35m

Intermediate women: 2.24               Intermediate Men: 2.43


13.0    Officiating/Volunteers

13.1     Referees must be sanctioned for use through the Sask Volleyball.  All referees must be registered Officials with the Sask Volleyball.  All round robin and re-pool games will utilize one head referee.  All championship and consolation matches will have both a head referee and a second referee (pending availability of officials)

13.2     Minor officials for scorekeeping will be supplied by host.

13.3     Teams will be required to provide lines keeping duty during the match.

14.0    Medals


The following medals will be required: Medals for players & coaches


Gold     90 medals

Silver   90 medals

Bronze 90 medals


15.0    Provincial Sport Governing Body



NAME:  Aaron Demyen – Executive Director
TELEPHONE: 306-780-9250           FAX: 306-780-9288

EMAIL:  aaron@saskvolleyball.ca



NAME:  Director

TELEPHONE:  306-665-1215






NAME: Games Coordinator – Reinetta Morningchild

TELEPHONE:   306-344-2432 FAX:     304-344-2425

EMAIL:     reinetta.morningchild@onionlake.ca

NAME: Sports Coordinator- Evan Chamakese                                                                   TELEPHONE: 306-817-0058    FAX:  306-344-2425                                                         EMAIL: evan.chamakese@onionlake.ca


NAME: Volleyball Coordinator –Leo Van Dam

TELEPHONE:                         FAX:  306-344-2425                                                 EMAIL: