1.0      SPORT                                                Table Tennis

2.0      LOCATIONS                                       ES Laird

3.0      DATES                                                March 28– March 31, 2016

4.0      SANCTIONED                                    Yes


5.1       Under 14                    Males  4          Females  4                  (Max. 8)

Under 16                    Males  4          Females  4                  (Max. 8)

5.2       Alternates.  Each team may list 2 alternates for doubles and 1 alternate for the singles.  Should the placement of the alternate become necessary due to injury, illness or absenteeism the team has until the commencement of the games to slot in the alternate.  The maximum number of players will be eligible to be registered participants of the games, issued accreditation and compete shall not exceed 18 per Tribal Council (including 2 coaches).

5.3       Each team is allowed to have 2 coach registered and sitting on the bench during a match.

5.4       Male teams must have 1 male coach.  Female teams must have 1 female coach.


6.1       Age Categories (must in the age group as of March 26th, 2016)

Under 14        2002, 2003

Under 16        2001, 2000

6.2       Born in 2003 to earlier to participate


7.1       The Saskatchewan First Nation Winter Games shall be open to those who are of Status Indian Ancestry.  Athlete treaty numbers are requires as proof.

7.2       All athletes must play with their respective Tribal/Grand Council teams, in which they are registered as per band membership list. All athletes must be a member of a First Nation within the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

7.3       All athletes must be a member of the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association.

7.4       Transfer of status Indians to another Tribal/Grand Council is allowed as per Saskatchewan First Nation Winter and Summer Technical Manual RESIDENCY clause.


8.1       Team Registrations

All athletes, coaches and managers are required to complete the attached registration form.  This registration form is to be submitted to the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association and the FSIN SCYR Department no later than, February 26th 2016 at 4:00 pm.

8.2       Coach Certification

All coaches must have a minimum NCCP level 1 or Community Stream Trained.  All coaches must be certified no later than February 26th, 2016.

All coaches must also take the Respect in Sport Training (RiS), it is an online course that can be completed by registering at the following site and completing the online material: .  All coaches must be certified no later than February 26th, 2016.

8.3       Payment of Registration

Each Tribal/Grand Council is responsible to send completed registration forms and payment directly to the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association.

Payment for Team registration fees must be issued on ONE cheque per Tribal Council. Payment of $ 25/per athlete and coach made payable to Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association no later than February 26th, 2016.

9.0      Competition

9.1       Rules of Play

The 2016 First Nation Winter Games will be subject to the Sask Table Tennis Association Rules.

9.2       Event Format

The competition will consist of a Round Robin team competition with five matches per tie.  Each event will consist of:

  • 2 Male singles
  • 2 Female singles
  • 1 Male doubles
  • 1 Female doubles


9.2       The Team Events

The competition in each age and gender category will consist of three pools with three districts in each pool.  Placement of districts in pools will be determined by the combined rating of both players.  A preliminary round robin will be played in each pool.  Then, a final round robin will be played with the three first place districts playing for gold, silver and bronze; the three second place districts playing for positions four to six and the three third place districts playing for positions seven-nine.

9.3       The Singles Events

The singles competition will have 3 preliminary round robin pools of 6 players to determine placement in the second round.  The second round will have 6 round robin pools of 3 players to determine placing.  First from each preliminary pool will play to determine placing 1-3.  Second from each preliminary pool will play to determine placing 4-6.  3rd from each preliminary pool will play for positions 7-9.  4th from each preliminary pool will play for positions 10-12.  5th from each preliminary pool will play for positions 13-15.  6th from each preliminary pool will play for positions 16-18.

9.4       Team Competition

Team matches between districts will be best 3 out of 5 games in the following    order:

District I:  Player A and Player B (as designated by the coach prior to the start of each match)

District II: Player X and Player Y (as designated by the coach prior to each match)

Game 1 Player A (district I) vs Player Y (district II)
Game 2 Player B (district I) vs Player X (district II)
Game 3 Doubles-Player A&B (district I) vs Player X&Y (district II)
Game 4 Player A (district I) vs Player X (district II)
Game 5 Player B (district I) vs Plater Y (district II)


9.5       Late Arrivals

Teams should arrive at the gym in time to be prepared to play games at their scheduled time. If a team is not present at the scheduled time then the game will be stalled for 5 minutes. If a team has not arrived within 5 minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit the game.

10.0    Scoring

10.1     Match Play

Refer to 9.0 for game plays

10.2     Tie Breaking Rule

Ties are broken by looking at results between the tied teams by considering:

  1. W-L ratio of team matches
  2. W-L ratio of single matches
  3. W-L ratio of games
  4. W-L ratio of points

If this is inconclusive, the same procedure is followed against the field.

10.3     Results Procedures

The team competition points will be awarded to each district as follows:

1st (27), 2nd (24), 3rd(21), 4th(18), 5th(15), 6th(12), 7th(9), 8th(6), 9th(3).

The singles competition points will be awarded to each district as follows:

1st(9), 2nd(8.5), 3rd(8), 4th(7.5), 5th(7), 6th(6.5), 7th(6), 8th(5.5), 9th(5)10th(4.5), 11th(4), 12th(3.5), 13th(3), 14th(2.5), 15th(2), 16th(1.5), 17th(1), 18th(0.5)

All points will be combined to produce a zone ranking 1-9 for the game flags.  Competition points will be awarded to each district as follows:

1st(27), 2nd(24), 3rd(21), 4th(18), 5th(15), 6th(12), 7th(9), 8th(6), 9th(3)

All points will be calculated to produce a ranking of 1-9 for each district and these rankings will be used to determine top three teams for medals and will also be used for games flag points.

Each Tribal/Grand Council will receive points according to the following chart:

1st Place 10 pts.
2nd Place 9 pts.
3rd Place 8 pts.
4th Place 7 pts.
5th Place 6 pts.
6th Place 5 pts.
7th Place 4 pts.
8th Place 3 pts.
9th Place 2 pts.
10th-13th Place 1 pt. each


11.0    Protest Procedure

11.1     Sports Protest

Any protests follow the guidelines stipulated in Saskatchewan Table Tennis rule book.

An umpire’s interpretation of the rules may be appealed to the referee.

Upon completion of the match the protest will be sent to the sport jury.  There shall be no further appeal from the decision of the Sport Jury.

The Sport Jury shall be comprised of:

  1. Sport Venue Coordinator
  2. Sask Table Tennis Representatives
  3. Referee Supervisor
  4. FSIN Representative


11.2     Eligibility Protests  

The FSIN Sport, Culture, Youth and Recreation will act as the Jury for all protests dealing with eligibility of Athletes.

All protests must be concisely written and presented to the FSIN Games Coordinator immediately at the end of the game.  The Time and date must be submitted in writing.

Protests must be signed by the Team Sport Contact/Chef-de-Mission or his/her mission staff designate of the participating team.  This designate must be submitted in writing.

All protests will be accepted with no explanation from the Board.  All protests must be dealt with within 15 minutes of the game ending or game stands as posted.

A fee of $500.00 will be in place for all protests.  This fee will be given directly to the FSIN Games Coordinator.  Cash will be the only accepted form of payment.  This fee will be put toward the Youth Championships if the protest is lost.  Protest fee will be returned if the protest is won by the Team protesting.

12.0    Equipment/Uniforms

12.1     Equipment will be STTA approved tables, surrounds (barriers), scoreboards, nets and orange three star balls.  In addition each playing area shall be 20 ft (6M) by 40 ft (12M) and requires two chairs and two small tables the size of a school desk.  The number of tables will depend on the size of the facility.  Participants must supply their own rackets (must have appropriate rubber on both sides of the racket).  A well-ventilated room with tables is required for players who re-glue their rackets between matches.

12.2     Competitive Uniform

It is the coaches and managers of both teams responsibility of ensuring that all their athletes wear appropriate clothing (such as a T-shirt and Russell Athletics shorts) and their Tribal Council colors before the start of the game.  Clean indoor shoes will only be acceptable on the court floors and must be inspected by their coaches and managers before the start of the game and deemed acceptable.

13.0    Officiating/Volunteers

13.1     Major Officials will consist of: 2 referee (provincial level certified)

2 Chief Umpire (provincial level certified)

24 umpires (club level certified)


13.2     24 Minor officials for scorekeeping will be supplied by host.

14.0    Medals


Medals will be awarded to individual players.  No medals will be awarded for teams.

Gold     20 medals

Silver   20 medals

Bronze 20 medals

Medals for players, coaches & managers

15.0    Provincial Sport Governing Body



NAME:  Jeff Woo-Northern District Director
TELEPHONE: 306 975 0835            FAX: 306 242 8007





NAME:  Director

TELEPHONE:  306-665-1215




NAME: Games Coordinator – Reinetta Morningchild

TELEPHONE:   306-344-7517 FAX:     304-344-2425



NAME: Sports Coordinator- Evan Chamakese
TELEPHONE: 306-817-0058
FAX:  306-344-2425